Saturday, March 25, 2017

Single release: 'Western Line' by Aly Cook

This track from Aly Cook's album Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel is completely charming - a tale of taking the train away from Sydney, escaping who knows what and going who knows where (apart from 'west'). Cook is a New Zealander but the song is firmly Australian in setting, with the video featuring the country platforms at Sydney's Central Station and an old train that locals know as a 'red rattler'. The song evokes not so much the romance of rail travel as its efficiency in taking a person away - and while it might be easy to interpret the song's lyric as suggesting that the singer is leaving for a sad reason, the song is upbeat in tone, indicating a brighter future somewhere along that western line ...

Watch the video for 'Western Line' below.

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Unknown said...

Western Line is a Fabulous song! Aly has captured the sheer excitement & enjoyment of taking a train trip - experienced for the first time. It is a very catchy song & it instantly made me want to take a train journey! ! This is definitely a hit !