Friday, October 7, 2011

Harmony James ramping up ahead of new album release

One of my favourite Australian singer-songwriters, Harmony James, has a new album due but hasn't let us know the release date yet ... But in amongst an abundance of hand-wringing (on my part) there is at least a single to enjoy, called 'Pride'. As with the rest of the material on the new album, the song is written by Harmony and produced by Herm Kovacs, who was at the helm of her first album, Tailwind.

The video clip (can we still call them that when actual videotape is pretty much a thing of the past?) of 'Pride' is now in fairly heavy rotation on CMC. Filming took place in an old house in Picton, which is to the south-west of Sydney. The house is rumoured to be haunted, although it seems Harmony didn't encounter any ghosts - which she was disappointed about. I'm currently reading Karina Machado's Where Spirits Dwell and am sufficiently freaked out by it to think that seeing no ghosts is a good thing ...

In other Harmony news: she was awarded the 2011 APRA Personal Development Award. No doubt she'll be given other APRA awards in future - not to mention Golden Guitars. (Yes, I'm completely biased.) In the meantime, she needs to release that second album!

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