Friday, March 18, 2016

Album review: In Our Blood by Kaylens Rain

One of the truly interesting, and wonderful things, about Australian country music is the variety of artists under its umbrella. This umbrella shelters artists as different as Kasey Chambers and The McClymonts; Adam Brand and Lachlan Bryan, Harmony James and Beccy Cole.

There is a spot under that umbrella for tightly written, well-produced and expertly executed country pop. The McClymonts do it incredibly well, and they're consistent with it. They're also siblings whose harmonies are sublime. Country pop isn't for everyone but when it's done well, it's very satisfying for a lot of listeners. Pop music is not the candy of the music world – it's hard to get it right, because the errors can be so obvious.

Kaylens Rain are a sibling group – a brother and sister duo this time. With their new release, In Our Blood, they have put themselves into that country pop spot with The McClymonts. Their harmonies are wonderful; the songs are great country-pop creations. While the lyrics aren't necessarily life changing – in pop, the lyrics tend to serve the music – these are songs that I've happily listened to over and over again, and I'm not tired of them yet. The key is in those harmonies, which are almost addictive.

The siblings, Kaylee and Glenn Harrison, worked with some experienced songwriters for this album, including the seemingly omnipresent Drew McAlister, and producer Andrew Cochrane. In gathering a lot of experienced professionals to help create In Our Blood, they've made a smart career move – this album certainly announces them as an act worthy of attention. Bigger shows and festivals no doubt await. 

In Our Blood is out now.

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